The Future

Is this the ultimate test or will there be more to come?

Further disease-causing genes will be found and we will learn more about the effects of combinations of genes. Sequencing may read to a greater depth and this may reduce the miss rate from one in several thousand, at present, to even lower.

We are already reducing any miss rate by going to greater depth in targeted areas.

Your current genome reading itself will not change, but there will be more knowledge about genes, particularly in the setting of the healthy population.

Also, our understanding of VUS (variants of unknown significance) will increase. This means it may be worth reviewing your genome in years to come to harness new genetic knowledge, as it applies to you.

How will pharmacogenomics impact healthcare in the future?

In time, genetic pharmacology  will be a vital tool for doctors. Your medical computer record will include the details of your genetically governed pathways. Your Doctor’s computer will automatically give advice for your doctor when a medicine is prescribed. This will make medicine prescribing safer and doses correct for you.