Confidentiality is at the heart of how we have structured The London Genetics Centre.

ID: You will be required to bring your passport or driving license photo ID, to all appointments. We will treat your information with the strictest confidentiality.

Data security will be our top priority.

Where will my results and data be stored and does this entail an additional cost?

Your data will be stored at the gene sequencing laboratory and also on The Institute of Cancer Research secure data cloud system with your consent, if in a study. There is no storage cost for 5 years; this is borne by us if you agree to your results being anonymously available for research.

Can I have my results anonymised or destroyed after the test?  

Yes, all samples and results can be anonymised. You can ask for your post processing sample to be destroyed too – it is your sample.

Will my results be used in any generalised research?

Your test sample and the forms that we send off as well as the results are anonymised. This is for patient confidentiality and protection. Anonymised research is carried out by the sequencing companies and this is why we anonymise at the start of the process at The London Genetics Centre. Also, anonymised research may be done by The Royal Marsden, The Institute of Cancer Research and The Royal Brompton with your consent.

Will I be able to access my data and move it elsewhere for further analysis?

Yes, the results are yours and there will be no charge for movement at your request of any data.