The New Preventive Screen

Making genetics more affordable at £1250

A newly introduced alternative to our more extensive whole genome screening medical of £4,995.

High quality genetic testing combined with a team of 180 years of genetic expertise.

Counselling and results given by a Genomic Counsellor with Consultant Geneticist
seeing all results together with family history.

Iron overload for haemochromatosis
Factor V Leiden and F2 Prothrombin both are Clot risk genes
Alpha 1 antitrypsin for emphysema and cirrhosis

Breast Cancer
Prostate Cancer
Colorectal Cancer
Ovarian Cancer

Kidney Cancer


Coronary artery disease
LDL cholesterol

Premature ovarian failure/early menopause
Coeliac disease
Type 2 Diabetes


This new genetic screen has been developed by the London Genetics Centre together with Veritas Intercontinental our sequencer and analysing partner.
It has been produced with the knowledge we have gained from our Whole Genome Screening.