Knowing your Whole Genome is a giant step up
in your and your family's healthcare

 The London Genetics Centre provides an extraordinary resource of world leading geneticists combined with a dedicated relationship with their sequencing and analysing team Veritas. This close and unusual team relationship helps us serve our patients to the ultimate level.


Whole Genome Screening



Our role is to save and
improve lives.
*FROM MODELLING. Excludes Lung Cancer and Lymphoma

Exceptional Team

4 World class geneticists. Working together to improve genetic care of patients.
Our Genetic Team have 175 years of experience between them. All results are reviewed in a multidisciplinary consultant meeting.


Whole Genome: The Holy Grail of Genetics.
Cancer and Cardiac genes
The SNPs - essential Pharmacogenes - how you metabolise medicines. Recessive/Carrier disorder Genes.
All from one blood test.

Historically the 90S study was the research assessment of the feasibility of introducing whole genome screening into the primary care pathway and at 90 Sloane St this is now part of what is offered as standard of care. The 90S study is now an optional study of the psychosocial aspects of whole genome screening in primary care and analysis of genetic variation only. It is separate to whole genome analysis offered as standard of care at 90 Sloane Street. If individuals wish to take part they can ask for further information.  At present the study is closed to new participants.

We comprise a team of four Consultant Geneticists (Prof Eeles, Dr Pichert, Dr Side and Dr Homfray) who work together to improve genetic care of patients.

We see patients with cancer conditions or strong family histories of cancer or other diseases. The team is broad-based with experience in Cancer Genetics, General Genetics, including Cardiac Genetics, and Paediatric Genetics. We do not do prenatal testing but can refer for this.

The Team

Our eminent consultant geneticists provide the ultimate in whole genome screening.


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90 Sloane Street, Chelsea, London SW1X 9PQ